What are the Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis?

Yadav Patle
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Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis: We all know that the internet is full of toons of financial websites. Most of the time we get confused about which website we should use and which one not. We simply type in google what we require and get thousand of results for that.

But if you from India then you are lucky hahaha. To analyze the Indian stock market there are some best websites. That cover all stock analyses, news around the globe, all happening and important announcement.

In this article, we are going to discuss some Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis.

Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

1. Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol.com is a popular website to analyze the stock market in India. On this website, you can find all types of information related to stock market investment and trading. You can find financial news very easily. You can find information regarding IPOs, Commodity, Equity, Mutual fund, Forex, personal finance, and more.

You can find all types of fundamental and technical data of a company, You can easily all financial ratios like PE, PB, and more. You can build your own virtual portfolio to track your all assets investment. Also, you can find the candlestick chart over there.

Moneycontrol also has Android and IOS apps. They are very user-friendly and very helpful. I strongly recommend installing this app if you don’t have it.

2. Screener

The screener.in is one of the best websites to perform fundamental analysis. You can easily find all types of financial ratios on this website. You can find the profit and loss statements, Charts, Quarterly Results, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows, Shareholding Patterns over there.

This website is completely free. Complex financial data easily represented. I personally use this website to track companies’ performance.

3. NSE India

NSEIndia.com is the official website of the National Stock Market. On this website, you will find livestock market quotes. You can find all the financial data of listed companies.

You can find data on FIIs and DIIs. New listing and IPOs.

4. BSE India

BSEIndia.com is the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange. Here more companies are listed compared to NSE India that’s why you can find more information here. Here you can find different financial ratios, information like ROC, ROI of company, and more.

New listing, IPO, OFS, and more. Again similar data like the NSE India website.

5. Investing.com

This is all in, one website. Here you will find both fundamental and technical analysis.

The great interface of charts, latest news, technical, all is perfect. There more than one tool my favorite is a Stock Screener. Here you will find market capitalization, CAGR, ROE, ROC, and more data.

6. Economics Times Market

Economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets is an excellent website based on current news and all current happening. On this website, you will gate morning and evening briefs post here.

This more similar website to Moneycontrol. You can build your own portfolio, watchlist, mutual funds, and commodity.

7. Live Mint

Livemint.com is a great website to know financial news. This website will keep you updated about the financial world. If you track this website daily then you will never miss important news on finance.


If you are new to the market then the first thing you need before start investing is knowledge. The more you learn more you Earn, simple. If you want to learn the basics of stock market investment then you can use this website — www.TechTars.com.

On this website, you will find the basics of stock market investing, Some important news, a list of upcoming IPOs, personal finance, and more.

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